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Our Church History


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Former pastors and the years they served the church are as follows;

Rev. Elsa Schmidt
Sept.1947-March 1948

Rev. Ruth and Harold Compton
March 1948-April 1950

Rev. Parks and Rev. Thompson
April 1950-Sept. 1950

Rev. and Mrs. Delmar Walker
Sept. 1950-Aug.1952

Rev. and Mrs. Lee Griffis
Sept.1953-July 1956

Rev. and Mrs. Larry Briney
July 1956-Nov.1957

Rev. and Mrs. Glen L. Norton
Nov.1957-Aug. 1959

Rev. and Mrs. Stanley Rogers
Oct. 1959-Sept. 1964

Rev. and Mrs. Clifford E. Brown

Rev. and Mrs. Jerry T. Howell
July 1956-May 1968

Rev. and Mrs. Wayne Espeseth
July 1968-Aug.1975

Rev. Paul Griffis
August 1975-Oct.1980

Rev. Hickman

Rev. Helen Harvey

Rev Paul Hammans

Rev. Terry Rosenfield
Oct.1991-Dec. 1995

Rev. Robin Roth
Jan. 1996-Feb.2004

Rev. Warren Anderson
March 2004-Present 2009

Foursquare Gospel
1947 - 1976

The Church of the Foursquare Gospel had its beginning in 1947 in a tent next door to where the church now stands at 110 East Sangamon. The first church service was held September 16, 1944, with Reverend Elsa Schmidt serving as the first pastor.

Mrs. And Mrs. George Rauschenburg of Petersburg bought and donated the ground at 110 East Sangamon, and the building of the church began in the Fall of 1947. In November of that year, the first service was held in the basement.

In March, 1948, Reverend Schmidt resigned, and Rev. Ruth Compton and her husband, Harold Compton, accepted the pastorate. During their stay from March 1948 to April, 1950, the Sunday School attendance grew to 56.

The Compton's resigned the pastorate in April, and Reverend E. Parks and Reverend Thompson acted as supply pastors until August, 1950 when Reverend and Mrs. Delmar Walker accepted the pastorate.

In October, 1950, the Sunday School's attendance reached 74, and a need for additional seating was evident. The church purchased pews from the old Bethel Methodist Church, near Pleasant Plains.

An item of historical interest is that according to dates listed in the history of the Bethel Church, it was in one of these pews that Mrs. Peter Cartwright, wife of the old time circuit rider, was seated when she stood and gave her testimony then sat down. The choir then stood and sang an anthem. When the singing was finished, they found Mrs. Cartwright had passed from this life into the presence of her Lord.

In January, 1951, the church purchased the first parsonage. It was located at the corner of 5th and Sheridan. This property was sold several years later. The church rented property for their pastors until October, 1974 when they purchased the former parsonage of the First Baptist Church, located at 212 South 9th, where the Reverend and Mrs. Paul Griffis and the family now reside.

On December 18, 1951, the church received its Charter having more than 30 voting-age members. On March 4, 1952, at a special service, Reverend Kenneth Erickson, the State Superintendent, presented the Charter to the membership. Reverend and Mrs. Walker presented a Foursquare flag to the church, and a new walnut pulpit, made and donated by Mr. Oscar Tippett, was dedicated. This pulpit is still being used in the church.

Four of the original Charter members, Mr. And Mrs. Perry Davis, Mrs. Eula Hill, and Mrs. Ethel Tippett, are still members of the congregation.

On Memorial Day in 1952, the old dead tree which stood against the back of the original basement was removed, and during the next month, the men of the church dug out and poured the walls for the extension of the basement making a furnace room.

On August 4, 1952, the first blocks were laid for the walls of the new church. Just one year later, August 3, 1953, the new church was dedicated.

In recent years, a new gas furnace and piano have been purchased and the basement and the church foyer have been remodeled in the 24 year old church.

The present church council members are Mr. Bob Browne, Mr. Perry Davis, Mr. John Qrum, and Mr. Bill Smith.

The present Sunday School teachers are Mrs. Ethel Tippett, Mrs. Louise Browne, Mrs. Ida Humphrey, Mr. Bill Smith, Mrs. Eriene Wethington, Mr. Jerry Davis, Mrs. Joyce Lash, Mrs. Betty Smith, and Mrs. Mary Davis, Mrs. Margo Orum is the Sunday School Superintendent.

Music for the church is under the direction of Mrs. Paul Griffis and Mr. Dan Smith.

The church has an active United Foursquare Women's Group of which Mrs. Betty Smith is the President. The activities and responsibilities of this group include preparation of gifts for the nursing homes, taking care of the needs of the parsonage, sending gifts and remembrances to foreign missionaries, and providing assistance to the members of the congregation in time of need.

The teens of the church meet every Friday night with the Pastor for a time of fellowship.

The church supports foreign missions with monthly Sunday School and church offerings.

Source: Menard County Church History, 1976